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We are DeltaX Ventures, the first corporate accelerator in Colombia and Latin America dedicated to enhance technological solutions for the digital transformation of the logistics chain of international trade.

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A new experience for the growth of your business.

If you have a technological solution that solves the challenges of the logistics chain of international trade, join DeltaX Ventures and participate in our community and benefits.

""Netflix changed the way we watch television, Spotify the way we listen to music and Amazon the way we buy.
How can your digital solution change the way we do logistics for international trade?"


Access to an extensive network with a database of more than 18.000 users


Access to test your solution in the market


Mentoring provided by experts


Support in the marketing and sales strategy


Co-working space


Backoffice services


Investment options for your growth

Join DeltaX Ventures if your startup has:

1. Interdisciplinary team:
The dream team with experience in their solution, complementary skills and clearly define roles.

2. Product or service:
Solve a challenge of the logistic chain in an effective and innovative way, based on new technologies.

3. Business model:
The value proposition have been validated with clients in Colombia or any other market, have channels or alliances to reach the client effectively

4. Market:
Has identified the target market, is attractive and with high potential development.

5. Scalability and Growth
Business with demonstrated traction, growth and potential profitability.

Grupo Puerto de Cartagena

For the last 25 years, the Puerto de Cartagena Group has been the leader in the transformation of the port and the logistics sector; committed to grow, to connectivity and competitiveness of international trade. ​

Innovation is one of the major factors of the growth of the Group and represents the commitment of the generation of value added services to clients, users , employees and community. We have the highest standards in security, productivity, quality, efficiency and protection and care of the environment; together with a talented team has been the formula of success in all these years.

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    Customs Services: Connection of offer and demand

    Connect the offer and the demand of the customs services for cargo owners.

    – To allow cargo owners to obtain simultaneous quotes and choose the customs services according to their needs
    – To allow custom agencies offer services to cargo owners.

    Customs Services: Identification of the tariff heading

    To guarantee the correct and agile identification of the tariff heading

    – To allow the correct and agile identification tariff heading of import/ export products.
    – To eliminate errors in the customs transactions
    – To save time
    – To reduce customs penalties

    Services for reefer cargo

    Integrate the different stages of cold chain logistics through technology.

    – To guarantee the cold chain thorough all the links
    – To guarantee the traceability , security and transparency of the reefer cargo

    Services to Empty Containers Services

    To connect empty containers users to facilitate finding available spaces and containers, as well as complementary services to the empty containers.

    – To Facilitate the management of empty containers.
    – Save cost and time.
    – Availability of empty containers yards .
    – Complementary Services such as: Cleaning, repairs and maintenance.

    Maritime Transportation

    Facilitate the access and data analytics from freight rates payments from the cargo owner.

    – Visibility of payments of shipping freights.
    – Access to the user to choose the best option in the market at a better price.

    Storage services for the cargo

    Connect the offer and demand of warehouse spaces with the cargo owners as well as providers of associated services.

    – To allow cargo owners to be able to manage warehouse spaces 24/7. And complementary services such as: ticketing, picking, packing among others.
    – To allow the connection between warehouse spaces and cargo owners
    – To facilitate cargo owners with providers of complementary services.

    Ground Transportation

    Connect the offer and demand of the land carriers with the owner of the cargo

    – To allow cargo owners to be able to get the best option in the market and the management of services 24/7 at the best price.
    – To allow the land carrier to manage and increase the use of the truck.